Vimeo Festival Finals für Motion Graphics

Die Finals für das Vimeo Festival stehen fest.
Hier zeige ich euch die Finals der Kategorie Motion Graphics.
Votet für euer Lieblingsvideo hier.

Instrumental video nine

by Mike Winkelmann – beeple

Simple machines work together to make music. (fullscreen, please)

Download the entire Cinema 4D project file:

more short films:
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free VJ source material:


by Masaki Yokochi

This is experimental motion graphic film created by me.
It was really fun to play with lines and physics,
I used my favorite tools, C4D+AE : )

Some details are lost because of compression.


by Onur Senturk

Client: Vgroup, 00
Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing
Date: June 2010
Format: Short Film 1280×720 HD
Sound: Combustion

TRIANGLE is a video work done for the book ‘Black Material’ which showcases Robert Knoke’s artwork.
Curator Jens Karlson asked me to make a short animation and get Robert Knoke’s black and white artwork as base for video. I chosed to create tense harmony between geometrical forms and organic movements. Combustion helped me to expand possibilites of Black material with his strong music and sound design.

Thanks to Renascent, Combustion, Jens Karlson, Ipek Torun, Mert Kizilay, Omer Kasımoglu.

How to feed the world?

by Denis van Waerebeke

a film directed by Denis van Waerebeke for the « Bon appétit » exhibition,
aimed mainly at the kids aged 9 to 14.

written by : Sabrina Massen & Denis van Waerebeke
design : Montag /// animation : Juliette Hamon-Damourette
sound design : Ruelgo /// voice : Mark Jane

production Montag for the french « Cité des sciences et de l’industrie »
CSI team: Dorothée Vatinel, Maud Gouy, Manon Courtay, Alisson Boiffard
CSI production: Sabrina Massen

Bad News – A Media Fiction (Diplom)

by Nico Uthe

Is it possible that the exclamation of the end of the world is able to provoke the apocalypse?

We are inside an american printery for newspaper in the 1950s now. A freshly printed newspaper comes to the fore. The headline proclaims the end of the world and pushes us straight towards the reports of the financial crisis of nowadays at the same time. The illustration of a comet, which is running down to the earth, intensifies the impression of the approaching end.

The film asks the question which consequences could be caused by information and news.
With regard to the financial crisis, the metaphor is a kind of an exaggerated persiflage: only the message of the apocalypse causes the end of the world – a self-fulfilling prophecy caused by the media!

The layout of the newspaper changes during the film parallel to the dramatic of the story.
The first reaction releases a visual chaos which develops while the film continues. An information flood takes the audience by surprise. Letters, words, graphics, illustrations, photo collage – the whole design collapses like an avalanche and is getting rebuild in the form of the comet, which is made of terms and graphical material.

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