Moshun – Animierte Schrift von Jeroen Krielaars


Diese Schrift namens Moshun ist von dem 26-jährigen Niederlänger Jeroen Krielaars in Illustrator entworfen und in After Effects mit Hilfe der Shape Layer (Formebenen) animiert.
Dabei hat er nicht viel länger als 2 Tage für alles gebraucht, was er mir im Interview (weiter unten) erzählte.

Animierte Schrift ist eine Diszilpin, die wir vielleicht häufiger sehen werden, viele Einsatzmöglichkeiten sind denkbar (siehe Interview).
Zwei andere Beispiele von animierter Schrift sind am Ende des Interviews verlinkt.

Das gesamte Interview gibt es nach einem Klick:

The interview is in english so more people can understand it.

So calango is your own business, tell me about it.
When did you started it, what are the circumstances, have u got employees or is it more of a brand for your freelance activities?

Calango is a one-man studio. I started it in 2006. Back then, I was mainly focused on print and webdesign. This shifted to motion design in the last few years.
Depending on the project’s needs I sometimes hire freelancers from a specific field to help me out. Other times I am hired as a part of a team, mostly by advertising agencies. But I always work from my studio in Amsterdam.
I did have a few interns over the years.

So did you start it right after graduating (design?) or are you a self-taught designer?

I started right after graduating from Concepts and Brands. Graphic design was a minor part of my education. So it will be more accurate to say I am self-taught.

Ok sounds great so lets come to your type animation. What was the purpose? Is it commissioned or is it more of a personal project?

Definitely a personal project. The idea was in my head for a few days. So I just started to illustrate some characters that could easily be rebuild with After Effects shape layers.
Visually I had to limit myself to simple shapes. So within more or less two days, the whole thing was designed and illustrated.

So did you set yourself a deadline?

Nope, I was just playing around. Experimenting. But sometimes the creative process goes really smooth. That is not often the case.

Did any existing font inspire the type design?

Nope, it was made totally from scratch, focusing on the possibilities of the shape layers.

Besides having fun making it what do u think this font can be used for and how?

It has been picked up by quite a few good blogs, so it must be something people like to see. I think it could be very useful to TV channels or brands as a concept that is. I can think of brands having their own unique animated font.
I found out from the comments on vimeo that Digital Kitchen did a similar thing a while ago. It was just to announce nominees at the Webby’s awards. It’s a good way to achieve some unique animations in a short amount of time.

Yeah, that would have been my next question, if you knew other type animation before..

Well, not really, but I found out afterwards.

If someone is interested in this font, can he/she purchase it?

For now, I’m not sure yet. I did have a few emails from people interested to buy it.

Thats good to here!

But I am not to keen on people changing the look of the font, or use it in a way I would not use it.
So I guess if people want to use it for a specific project, that I find interesting I am willing to share the source files.

Do you take your time for personal projects like this or is it rare that you can afford spending time on personal stuff.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
That’s why I always take my time for personal projects. It keeps work fun, and it’s a great way to explore new ways of design and attract the commercial work you want to do.

That’s a great last line I think and we should all keep that in mind.
So thx for the interview, Jeroen!

No problem!


If you like this work, check out the links below for more work by Jeroen and others.

Calango Studio
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